Sustainable Surf develops a green surfboard verification program

April 24, 2012 | Surfing
Sustainable Surf: green surfboards work

Sustainable Surf, a non-profit startup NGO, wants to help turning the surf industry into a 100% green and sustainable business. From surfboards to blocks of wax, wetsuits, leashes and surf wear, there are a lot of processes that should be changed.

Sustainable Surf's headquarters are located in the heart of Southern California, right in the center of a very important share of the global surf industry.

Petroleum, polyurethane, polyester resin, polystyrene foam, PVC and many other substances are still being widely used to produce surf gear and equipment. Sustainable Surf, founded by Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden, are working with the brands to change that, step by step.

The startup has created an Advisory Board which works as a tool to reach goals. Jim Moriarty, CEO of the Surfrider Foundation, Dean LaTourette, Executive Director of Save the Waves, Scott Coleman, Partnership Developer at and several other members help the organization move forward.

Green is the future of surfing, as it was its foundation. Sustainable Surf has already worked on the "Greening of the Rip Curl Pro Search" and has been introducing the first ever green surfboard verification program - Ecoboard - to help move the industry forward and educate surfers on their options to buying a better board.

Current minimum qualification for Ecoboard labeling requires the surfboard to be made from at least one of the following components: foam blank made from at least 25% recycled foam or at least 25% biological content; alternative blank structure made from majority content (75%) renewable materials such as wood or bamboo; resin made from at least 15% total biological content.