Swell of the decade breaks bones and cameras in Western Australia

June 30, 2015 | Surfing
The Right: don't go left here

When a so-called "swell of the decade" hits Australia, there are a few places an average human surfer shouldn't be in. Those spots are The Right and Cow Bombie.

In Margaret River, Justin Holland broke a leg in what was considered the biggest wave ever ridden in Australia. He nearly survived a 60-foot wall of salted water at Cow Bombie.

"I felt like I got hit by Australia. When that thing hit me, it was literally like a bomb going off. We have a saying that, 'If you wanna play, you have to pay'. I've just paid. It's a pretty heavy price to pay but it's rewarding," Holland told The West Australian.

"I glanced to the side and saw it was a pretty big one - it was a monster. Looking up, it was higher than the sky. Then it just absolutely exploded right on me. The lip just went bang, straight down and I've got to admit, it just outran me."

Taj Burrow and Dino Adrian were also on high alert. The duo rode 20-foot bombs at North Point, near Margaret River. Burrow and Adrian were towed into some heavy barrels.

"It's nothing record breaking, but there's some fun ones. It's a bit of a frenzy. There are a lot of people in town for the swell. We thought we'd get here early and get the ski in the water, and it was good fun," stated Burrow.

Meanwhile, Mark Mathews, Mick Corbett, Chris Ross and friends headed to The Right for giant slab experience. The daredevils tried to capture virtual reality footage, but the on the first wave the mount snapped and all six cameras were lost.

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