Alaïa Bay: a wave pool in the heart of the Swiss Alps | Photo: Wavegarden

Wavegarden announced the construction of a wave pool in Sion, Valais, the heart of the Swiss Alps.

The Spanish artificial wave developers teamed up with a company that operates skateboarding, freeskiing, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, trampoline, and cheerleading action sports centers.

Alaïa will build the country's first surf lagoon in a mountainous region renowned for its world-class ski resorts.

According to both brands, the new Swiss wave pool will attract the nation's 40,000 enthusiastic population of surfers.

The Alaïa Bay will be located in the zone referred to as "Les Iles" (The Islands) and will feature an 8,500 square meter wave pool.

The Cove: the technology by Wavegarden produces between 800 and 1,000 waves per hour | Photo: Wavegarden

Four Sports In One Day

The Swiss surfing pool is expected to open to the general public in early 2021 and will be equipped with Wavegarden's latest technology, The Cove.

"This a historical moment that we were dreaming about for a long time. Swiss surfers will finally be able to ride waves in Sion, Valais," notes Adam Bonvin, co-founder of Alaïa SA.

"The Alaïa Bay is in line with the desire to diversify tourism activities with a four-season offer. It will now be possible to snowboard, ski, skateboard, and surf on the same day here in Switzerland."

The water sports facility will, as always, provide waves for all levels of surfing, as well as other amenities and viewing areas.

Wavegarden says that, in 2020, South Korea, Brazil, the United States, and Scotland will also begin the construction of similar structures.

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