Thur River: the ASP World Tour is coming to Switzerland

Two Swiss surfers have ridden one of the biggest river waves ever seen in the Thur River.

Static waves are special. They are rare; they don't break all year round, and they often don't deliver medium-sized faces. In other words, river waves do not offer that dynamic feeling found in ocean waves.

Nevertheless, river waves are better than nothing, especially if you live in a landlocked country.

The river surfing scene is growing every year. And creativity, too. Did you know that there are specially designed surfboards for this kind of spot?

This time, Switzerland brings us a rather surprising ride. The Thur River wave appears to be the result of a strong flood.

If you take a look at the speed of the flow and at the color of the water, you'll notice that this standing wave is not there forever.

The truth is that these Swiss surfers are carving in overhead wave faces. Let there be joy for everyone.

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