Alaïa Bay: Sion will host Switzerland's first wave pool | Photo: Alaïa Bay

Alaïa Bay will begin filling its 8,500-square-meter Wavegarden Cove surfing lagoon in January 2021.

Switzerland's first wave pool has confirmed the pre-opening for April. After 12 months of construction, it is finally possible to dream of surfing in Sion on ocean-like waves.

The project was launched in 2016 and has been long-awaited by the entire Swiss surfing community, especially during these challenging times.

The Alaïa Bay artificial wave lagoon will be filled in December and is the first Wavegarden Cove in mainland Europe.

Construction started in November 2019, and Alaïa Bay is now steadily drawing closer to completion after reaching this first milestone.

"Our teams have put a lot of enthusiasm into this project, and we are thrilled to be able to keep the schedule as planned," says Adam Bonvin, Alaïa's founder.

"Despite the public health situation, which required the introduction of certain restrictions, there has been very little disruption to the construction, and we can now reveal the dates for the next stages of the project."

The Wavegarden Cove surfing lagoon is completely finished.

It will be filled with water in December, and the first wave-generating machinery tests will begin in January.

During this phase, the settings will be fine-tuned to configure the 20 types of waves that will be on offer to the public.

"It is a crucial phase. The calibration and testing phase is a technical challenge for our teams in weather conditions that we have never experienced before," adds Josema Odriozola, co-founder of Wavegarden.

"This project represents a wonderful showcase for our company, as it is the fourth project to open to the public, after England, Australia, and South Korea."

In parallel, the final work on the buildings will take place between December and February.

Furnishings will be added to the 300-square-meter retail shore as well as the restaurant and surf school.

Alaïa Bay: the 8,500-square-meter Swiss surfing lagoon will offer 20 types of waves | Photo: Alaïa Bay

March 2021: The First Waves

In March 2021, the site is planning to welcome its first surfers for exclusive test sessions.

It will be the perfect opportunity for Alaïa Bay's 60 staff members and 20 surf coaches to ride the early waves.

Surf stars, local surfing associations, and partners will be invited to enjoy the inaugural ripples and relish a unique experience in Switzerland.

Alaïa Bay will open to the general public in Spring, giving surf fans as well as beginners and families the opportunity to discover the joys of surfing on man-made waves in the heart of the Alps.

The site also boasts a 300-square-meter surf shop, a 500-square-meter restaurant, a surf school, and a shaping room.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, Switzerland is home to approximately 40,000 surfers who practice their sport on lakes, rivers, or abroad by the coast.

Alaïa Bay: the Swiss wave pool is able to host up to 40 surfers per session | Photo: Alaïa Bay

1,000 Exclusive Sessions Available

With the announcement of Alaïa Bay's pre-opening, it is now possible to book sessions at a special rate.

One thousand exclusive sessions will be on sale from November 25 until December 25, 2020, and can be redeemed for the pre-opening period, from April until the end of June.

Wavegarden is a Basque Country engineering company dedicated to the research, design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of wave-generating systems and lagoons for surfing and other water sports.

Alaïa Bay is located in Sion at the foot of the Swiss Alps.

It will be open to experienced surfers as well as beginners and families who will be able to experience surfing for the first time under the supervision of instructors.

The Wavegarden Cove technology offers a totally unique configuration that allows you to host up to 40 surfers per session.

Alaïa SA, the owner of the Swiss wave pool, develops and manages centers dedicated to action sports such as skateboarding, freeskiing, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, trampolining, and cheerleading.

Alaïa Chalet, located close to Crans-Montana, and Alaïa Bay in Sion, are the group's first two projects, both directly inspired by surf culture.

The vision is to offer visitors a unique experience, allowing them to become part of a community that shares the same passions and values: freedom, creativity, health, nature, pleasure, and progression.

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