Tag team fun at the Big Surf Invitational

July 15, 2015 | Surfing
Big Surf Invitational: fun, fun, fun in Côte des Basques | Photo: Arrieta/WSL

Tim Boal and his team have claimed the inaugural Big Surf Invitational, at Côte des Basques, Biarritz, France.

The tag team competition saw 16 surfers in the final heat. Riders in the water had to run to the beach to give green light to their next teammate competing. Creativity, freestyle and show off. That's what is was asked.

Former Championship Tour surfer Tim Boal and professional longboarder Justine Mauvin invited seven friends to the event, but it was Boal and his team who celebrated the victory.

"The goal today was above all to have fun. For our athletes it's an awesome moment to share waves with professional surfers and be in the spotlight for a change," noted Jacques Lajuncomme-Hirigoyen, a member of the Association Nationale Handi Surf.

"We work year-round, keeping our activity indoors in winter to stay in touch with the kids we'll have in summer for the surf sessions. One of our missions is also to train surf teachers and deliver a complete course about accompanying disabled people in the surf," added Jean-Marc Saint-Geours.

Team Boal

Victoria Vergara
Amandine Sanchez
Pauline Ado
Emma Neuschwanger
Romain Laulhe
Marc Lacomare
Ramzi Boukhiam

Team Mauvin

Coline Menard
Justine Dupont
Maud Le Car
Alexandre Lombardo
Antoine Delpero
Naum Ildefonse
Charly Martin

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