Taj Burrow and Mark Mathews go crazy at The Right

August 6, 2014 | Surfing
Taj Burrow and Mark Mathews: a crazy stunt at The Right

Taj Burrow has been towed into The Right and photographed by big wave charger Mark Mathews. Both in the same wave. But was it a good idea?

The goal was quite simple: get two experienced riders on the same dangerous wave, and shoot the perfect photo. Simple? Well, it certainly depends on how things end up.

With the camera in hand, Mathews had a tough task. He would have to follow Taj's surf line across the thick wall of water, in order to get the historic shot.

Although Mark is familiar with The Right, that doesn't mean the wave's mood wouldn't change from set to set. Two and three-wave hold-downs are frequent around here.

The Right is currently the last wave in the world that hasn't been paddled, so there were enough reasons to stay in bed watching surf movies.

When Taj Burrow took off in front of Mark for the historical surf photo session, the support team knew something was going to happen. The full documentary will be released soon, but Mark's fate hasn't changed: face injuries and a ruptured eardrum. Ready?

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