Taylor Jensen conquers the 2014 Australian Longboard Surfing Open

March 31, 2014 | Surfing
Taylor Jensen: taking it easy

Taylor Jensen and Jen Smith have claimed the 2014 Australian Longboard Surfing Open, at Kingscliff, New South Wales.

The Legendary Pacific Coast Open Pro final was fiercely contested between two former ASP World Longboard champions Taylor Jensen and Harley Ingleby.

The American surfer Jensen came out on top even though he only pulled three waves during the 30-minute final for a combined two wave total of 16.10.

"It's my first serious event this year, so it has got the ball rolling. I feel good, and I'm in command. There's some big events later in the year so I'll just stay focused," says Jensen.

Current title holder Ingleby pushed hard all the way through the final and only just failed to secure the win with his last wave falling 2.4 short of what he needed, giving him a total of 13.74.

Jen Smith was dominant in the final against Rosie Locke. Smith clocked 17.83 out of a possible 20 while Locke struggled to find the better waves in the final.

"It's a confidence booster. It makes me feel good about riding my single fin as I've never surfed an ASP event on a single fin before. To bring it out here and win this event is promising", added Smith.

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