Team USA sweeps the Flowriding Championships

December 10, 2010 | Surfing
2010 International FLOW Championships: crazy sport

Team USA has conquered the 2010 International FLOW Championships, held in Singapore. The best world flowriders joined an epic event full of spills and airs, crazy carves, sprays, and shreds.

The Ladies Expert strapped division came down to a battle between Singapore’s Ili Lim, Kristen Barney of Team USA, Marta Jekot of SA, and Chile’s Nicole Boraschi.

Each of these girls threw their biggest moves for their bonus trick but only Kristen Barney was able to stick her backflip. The crowd went wild with each attempt and in the end, Kristen Barney took the title.

The second of the finals was expert bodyboarding and it was by far the wildest bodyboarding competition to date.

The battle between Billy Tennant (SA), Tyler Danek (USA), and Claudio Cafati (Chile) was, simply put, the best riding ever to take place on the FlowBarrel.

All three riders landed huge airs and their bonus tricks and had the crowd cheering for more. Billy Tennant proved to be the best prone rider in the sport by laying down two flawless runs to take the title.

Last but certainly not least came the Men’s Strapped Flowboarding finals. The finalists saw a head-to-head match-up between the two South Africans, Wes, and Matt, versus the two Americans, Eric, and Laz.

Each rider raised the bar by going bigger and adding something new to their run.

When it came down to the finals, Eric Silverman jumped at the opportunity to prove his worth to the judges.

He landed everything he attempted, including a double back and air 1080.

After a flawless final run that featured his biggest tricks of the competition, he set up for his bonus trick to a screaming crowd and nailed it!

It was a picture-perfect ending to the best flowriding event ever held.

The crowd went crazy as Eric solidified his new title as Number 1 in the world. With as much as the sport has evolved in the last year, the big question is, what will the 2011 International FLOW Championships be like? Only time will tell.

The 2010 International FLOW Championships sponsors Contiki, Billabong and Sanuk representatives presented the awards and prizes as team USA was crowned “World Champions”.

The ceremony was closed in proper fashion with a speech from Wave House and Wave Loch owner and CEO Tom Lochtefeld.