Tension rises at the Sata Airlines Azores Pro 2013

September 6, 2013 | Surfing
CJ Hobgood: critical power

The Sata Airlines Azores Pro 2013 has reached the Quarterfinals, at Santa Barbara Beach, Sao Miguel, Portugal.

Tomas Hermes had a nail-biter of a heat, looking for an average score all the way until the very last minute of the 30-minute exchange, which he eventually found to advance ahead of WCT surfer and fellow Brazilian Miguel Pupo.

"I'm feeling great, so stoked to move onto the next round," Hermes commented. "Miguel is a great guy and it was a tough heat. I'm feeling confident, I don't what happened I've lost in the first round of all the events so far so I'm stoked here."

C.J Hobgood found a nice and clean inside lefthander and performed three tight turns in the power section of the wave to net an excellent 8.77 out of 10 that gave him the heat lead.

With not many opportunities in the moving lineup, Hobgood played the patience game and tried to keep his opponent off the best waves. "I'm stoked, I feel like I've actually put a heat together from start to finish," Hobgood stated.

"I knew Ryan could get a 9 if he took it to the air, so my job at the end of the heat I felt was just to give him the least amount of opportunities possible and hold priority. I'm stoked to come back here and make a few heats, I'm happy !"

Alejo Muniz, victim of a violent reception yesterday on an aerial manoeuver, rested his knee and ankle to come back today with a strap on it.

The stylish Brazilian once again scored excellent waves and managed to perform under pain to advance into the quarter-finals ahead of good friend Willian Cardoso (BRA).

"It's always bad to surf against a friend and I knew he needed that result too," Muniz said. "But I think that was my qualification heat so I went for it and gave it everything even with the pain on my knee".

"I'll go home and relax and see how it feels tomorrow. I knew today cause the waves are bigger it's a little easier cause you can just let the board go, you don't need to force the turns like when it's small."

Mitch Crews, currently sitting in 25th position on the World Rankings, rounded up today's action with a dominating performance over fellow Australian Nathan Hedge.
Crews, already in great position towards qualifying for the 2014 World Championship Tour, will add a minimum of 3320 ranking points to his season tally and take one step closer to a maiden Elite Top34 accession.

"Seeing that the heat before was really slow, I was determined to get two quick ones off the start just so I could have something to build off," Crews said.

"I couldn't really though cause it was an 8 and a 7, so I just sat there for most of the heat ! I'm over the moon to get another big result it's just great, from here on in I'm just surfing."

Sata Airlines Azores Pro 2013 | Quarterfinals Matchups

Alejo Muniz (BRA) vs Kolohe Andino (USA)
C.J Hobgood (USA) vs Adam Melling (AUS)
Filipe Toledo (BRA) vs Tomas Hermes (BRA)
Wiggolly Dantas (BRA) vs Mitch Crews (AUS)

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