The 13th Annual Whalebone Classic enhances the surf dream of West Australia

July 8, 2010 | Surfing

Jarryd Foster: owner of the yellow submarine

When contest founder Peter Dunn first found the bone of a whale on the Iso’s Reef many years ago, he had no idea that it would become part of West Australia’s surfing folklore. Many years later that bone has become the focal point of the Whalebone Classic for longboard surfing as the contest enters its 13th year.

The relationship that has developed since Dunn first found the bone and the spirit of the whale it came from looks set to continue as surf forecasters predict a big groundswell from the main fetch in the South Indian Ocean with waves throughout the weekend.

“I never have to worry about waves for the contest” said Dunn. “It’ unbelievable, the spirit of the whale has provided us with waves for the contest every year.”

Current Australian Longboard Champion and 2006 Whalebone Champion, Josh Constable is excited about the prospect of big surf for the contest. “I’m excited and a little bit nervous about the conditions forecast this weekend. I had a look on the internet this morning and it said we could expect big windy conditions. To be honest I prefer it to be big rather than small”

Constable continue “Its good having another pro contest here in Australia, and I’m looking forward to catching up with the others to see how we are all surfing before travelling to Hawaii later in the year for the ASP World Titles.”

With entries from Australia’s best longboard surfers including current World Champion, Harley Ingleby (NSW), 2008 Whalebone Champion Dane Pioli (NSW), dual Whalebone Champion Jackson Close (Qld), Jared Neal (NSW) and Matt Aldridge (Qld) this will be a very hard fought contest.

West Australian Open Champion Jarryd Foster is happy at the high standard of surfers coming this year. “It’s good to have the likes of Harley (Ingleby) and Dane (Pioli). I’m looking to see how I go against them, especially I would like to have Harley in one of my heats.”

“I’m quite happy that the surf is going to be up, hopefully we can put on a good show for the spectators,” said Foster.

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