Matty Costa: respect this dude

Hawaii's 2010 state champions of surfing have been decided, following the three-day Hard Rock Cafe Skull Candy State Championships at Ala Moana Bowls, presented by the Hawaii Surfing Association (HSA).

The state championships are the culmination of the regional Hard Rock Cafe Surf Series and determine Hawaii's team that will compete in the US National Championships in California next month.

The HSA has been delivering champions for over 40 years, including some of the most famous names in surfing: Derek and Michael Ho, Eddie and Clyde Aikau, Gerry Lopez, Tony Moniz, Andy, and Bruce Irons, and the list still grows today.

Ala Moana pulsed with surf in the two- to four-foot range over the three days of the state titles, with thousands of waves ridden by the best boardriders from around the Hawaiian Islands.

The younger divisions are the biggest attraction, drawing the lion's share of attention as they offer a window onto the stars of tomorrow.

In particular, the 16-17-year age group features Hawaii's top talent who is on the verge of entering the professional ranks of the ASP world tour. Oahu's Matty Costa and Alyssa Gonsalves were crowned champions of those divisions.

Equally impressive were the youngest of all entrants: the 11 and under boys and girls, with Kaulana Apo and Dax McGill headlining their respective age groups.

Other champions of the featured shortboard categories who are headed to the national titles along with Costa, Gonsalves, Apo and McGill are Dorian Blanchard (boys 12-13); Bailey Nagy (girls 12-13); Kain Daly (boys 14-15); Lianna Patey (girls 14-15); Matty Costa (boys 16-17); Alyssa Gonsalves (girls 16-17). (Please see below for the complete results of the finals.)

As the birthplace of surfing and the home of many of the world's most famous surf breaks, the HSA series is highly competitive and hotly contested by surfers of all ages, male and female, from around the state. This week, more than 200 surfers participated in the final round of competition, and Hawaii will send more than 50 surfers to California for the national championships.

Mahalo to the tireless, year-round work of the event organizers, judges, and officials of the Hawaii Surfing Association, to Hard Rock Cafe for their undying support of surfing in Hawaii, to Skull Candy for their enthusiasm and support, and to these partners: Sticky Bumps, Surfer Magazine, Penske Trucking, Local Motion, HIC, Town & Country, and O'Neill.

Results are listed in order of 1st through 4th:

Boys Shortboard 11 & Under Final: Kaulana Apo; Noa Mizuno; Loa Ng; Monte Grant
Boys Shortboard 12-13 Final: Dorian Blanchard; Joshua Moniz; Elijah Hunter; Alex Pendleton
Boys Shortboard 14-15 Final: Kain Daly; Kaimana Kinimaka; Kaito Kino; Keola Carreira
Boys Shortboard 16-17 Final: Matty Costa; Ezekiel Lau; Gavin Klein; Kylen Yamakawa

Girls Shortboard 11 & Under Final: Dax McGill; Mahena Maeda; Mainei Kinimaka; Kahanu Delovio; Moana Jones; Kylie Nagy
Girls Shortboard 12-13 Final: Bailey Nagy; Tatiana Weston-Webb; Jenna Forti; Tia Blanco
Girls Shortboard 14-15 Final: Lianna Patey; Kiana Fores; Makani Adric; Chloe Child; Jennifer Leon
Girls Shortboard 16-17 Final: Alyssa Gonsalves; Alessa Quizon; Maili Enos-Branigan; Kylie Rodman

Men Shortboard Final: Chatson Barrett; Aaron Swanson; Mac Feeney; Mitchell Alapai
Masters Shortboard Final: Scott Shimoda; Darren Mahoe; Alex da Silva; Bryce Yamashita; Kapila Ciancio; Collin Steinberger
Senior Men Shortboard Final: Young Tarring; Richard Patey; Kalani Ahina; Richard Tom; Brook Nottage; Adam Escobar
Legends Shortboard Final: Craig Sugihara; Eddie Pieper; Lance Ohata; Gilbert Perea; George Matsuda; Herb Pruse
Women Shortboard Final: Hana Harrison; Izumi Baldwin; Stephanie da Silva; Aleui Lyman; Dane Tortuga; Darlene Dubray
Grand Masters Shortboard Final: Tommy Reyes; Raymond Shito; Kal Faurot; Steven Riveira; Tomo Saito; Andre Derizans
Open Men Shortboard Final: PENDING AT TIME OF RELEASE
Golden Legends Final (70+): Koapaka Brown; Malcolm Ing; Roger Kinnemann

Longboard Junior Men Final: Crispin Nakoa; Gavin Klein; Akila Weber; Bobby Lusica; Colten Rivera
Menehune Longboard Final: Natalia Smith; Micah Liana; Kaoli Kahokuloa; Christopher Bluthardt
Girls Longboard Final: Natalia Smith; Tatianna Weston Webb; Liana Patey; Kui Adric
Longboard Men Final: Dustin Fernandez; Nick Riopelle; Dane McCallun
Longboard Women Final: Ashley Ahina; TJ Moller; Dana Tortuga; Hana Harrison; Jennifer Lee; Izumi Baldwin
Standup Paddle Final: Danny Tamonte; Tommy Chun Ming; Alika Willis; Noa Yap; Sam Pae; Nelson Ahina

Bodyboard Junior Men Final: Matthew Holzman; Henry Poisoda; Kanaloa Black; Reggie Ubilas
Bodyboard Boys Final: Shambaz Soaia; Connor Keale; Daniel Carter; Keanu Malama
Men Bodyboard Final: Ikaika Villa; Mark Gervacio; Marshall Orr; James Clancy; Jon Alcoran
Dropknee Final: William Perez; Ikaika Villa; Kaimana Wong; Mark Gervacio; Tyler Perez; James Clancy
Bodyboard Launch Final: Matthew Holzman; Patrick Orr; William Perez
Women Bodyboard Final: Malia Mizuno; Carolyn Orr; Vanina Walsh; Carol Orr

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