Miss Reef

Shot on location in North-Eastern Brazil, the 2010 Miss Reef Calendar is the first year in a limited series of five, set out to capture the exotic and sensual spirit of the brand.

Each calendar from 2010-2015 will be shot in one South American location, with Miss Reef's native to the area as well as local photographers, to create the most authentic Latin experience.

As a global icon in the surfing community, Miss Reef has gained notoriety over the past 25 years for her exotic build and the mystery of her identity.

VP of Marketing, Kevin Flanagan, notes, "Reef set out to do something really special for 2010. The imagery showcases world-class photography elevating Miss Reef's image more than ever before. We are portraying her in a new way while preserving the qualities that make her memorable and intriguing."

The calendar is also intended to intrigue its viewers via location.

The 2010 Miss Reef calendar was shot entirely around the beaches of North Eastern Brazil, using Miss Reef's that live in the area, as well as Brazilian photographer Sergio Kovacevick.

Each calendar for the next five years will visit a new location in South America, keeping the production entirely local to that region as well.

VP of Marketing, Kevin Flanagan continues, "The Miss Reef Calendar is really an homage to the Latin roots of Reef, while celebrating the exotic beach culture around these dream-like destinations. This is the most visually stunning way to keep track of your schedule."

Reef co-founder and creator of Miss Reef, Fernando Aguerre adds, "I'm so stoked that Reef has brought back the Miss Reef girls and calendar. Life can be hard at times… having the calendar nearby has been proven to lessen the impact of those hard times on your soul. I'm living proof of it. Kudos to Reef. If they need any help in finding more Miss Reef's, I'm humbly submitting my name for the task…."

Source: Reef

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