The 2012 Triple Crown of Surfing will hit 200 million homes

October 10, 2012 | Surfing
Triple Crown of Surfing: broadcasted to 200 million homes

The 2012 Triple Crown of Surfing will celebrate the 30th anniversary with one million dollars in prize money.

Kelly Slater and John John Florence have already signed up for the three events held in the Hawaiian surf spots and the Triple Crown of Surfing champion will cash in $100,000.

Organizers promises the largest global broadcast of professional surfing in history, taking the show to more than 200 million homes worldwide.

"I used to sit all day watching guys like (Kelly) Slater and Andy (Irons) battling it out. Then there's all the crazy heats that have happened and the world title moments", explains John John Florence.

"Growing up and and actually being a part of it when I was really young, and then surfing it over and over and finally winning it last year - that's been a crazy, crazy, build up. There was a lot that happened building up to that moment, and then all of sudden I was winning it", he adds.

From November 12th through December 20th, the world's best professional surfers will be seen ridijng the famous winter waves of Oahu's North Shore, Hawaii.

The Reef Hawaiian Pro hits Haleiwa, then the Vans World Cup of Surfing rides Sunset Beach and finally, the Billabong Pipe Masters breaks in the infamous Banzai Pipeline.