The 2013 Lowers Pro has been canceled

March 6, 2013 | Surfing
Lower Trestles: perfect lines, amazing contests

The 2013 Lowers Pro has been canceled. The iconic contest surfed at San Onofre State Beach, since 2004, has been postponed to May 2014.

The Prime surfing event of Lower Trestles will no longer see jerseys out in the water, from April 30 through May 4, 2013.

"We are committed to operating the Lowers Pro at the Prime level to deliver the most value to the surfers competing, our audience, and brands supporting surfing", explains Sean Nielsen, director of event operations at GrindMedia.

"Due to the economic climate and timing of the transition of the former title sponsor, we have not secured a new partner in the title position to operate at the Prime level", he added.

The Lowers Pro is considered to be one of the most progressive surf contests in existence and a favorite event for the world’s top pro surfers. It's the jewel of Southern California.

Tom Curren (1982, 2001), Christian Fletcher (1989), Kelly Slater (1990), Rob Machado (1998), Andy Irons (2004) and back-to-back Brazilian champions Miguel Pupo (2011) and Gabriel Medina (2012) have already claimed victory at the Lowers Pro.

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