Biarritz: the birth of French surfing | Photo: Pierre/Creative Commons

The city of Biarritz will organize the 2017 ISA World Surfing Games.

The last time Biarritz hosted the World Surfing Games was 37 years ago, in 1980. Back then, the birth of French surfing saw Tom Curren claiming the gold medal in the Junior division.

The International Surfing Association (ISA) notes that the global event returns to Europe since Costa da Caparica, in Portugal, welcomed some of the world's best surfers in 2008.

"I'm very happy to see the return of our flagship event back to Europe. France is a great surfing destination and Biarritz, in particular, is a wonderful coastal city transformed by surfing in the last decades," explained Fernando Aguerre, president of the ISA.

With surfing included in the official Tokyo 2020 sports program, Biarritz will definitely serve as the perfect warm-up for the Olympic preparation.

"We are looking forward to welcoming the visiting national teams to experience the waves, the surfing culture, and the hospitality that our country has to offer. With Tokyo 2020 on the horizon, these are exciting times for surfing," added Jean-Luc Arassus, president of the French Surfing Federation.

Southwest France offers plenty of surfing opportunities. The region of Landes Côte Sud showcases 152 kilometers (94 miles) of isolated beach breaks, barrels, and urban surf spots.

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