The 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro kicks off in challenging surf conditions

February 3, 2017 | Surfing
Tyler Newton: he won the Volcom Last Chance qualifier heat | Photo: Heff/WSL

The 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro got underway in tricky conditions, with waves breaking below sea level.

After a few lay days, the green flag sent all surfers to the water. The Pipeline was pumping eight-foot waves, but many competitors opted for riding towards Backdoor and even Off The Wall.

The opening day had everything you could get when the sand is not where it should be. There were tough wipeouts, big scores, and well-ridden barrels.

In the Volcom Last Chance qualifier heat (one wave, one score, one surfer moving forward), Tyler Newton found a clean 9-point wave, beat seven opponents, and advanced to Round 2.

"I'm super stoked. I was actually just super stoked to be able to surf in the Last Chance heat in general, but to make it is really an honor to surf with all those guys out there," expressed the 26-year-old surfer from Kauai.

"I just stuck to my game plan, and it came through right on the spot. I just try to read the ocean and be in tune, and I felt like it was working. It doesn't work out always, but waves just kept coming to me, and I'm super stoked about it."

But the man of the day award goes to Wyatt McHale, the 15-year-old surfer who surprised everyone with a stellar performance in his Round 1 matchup. The North Shore local managed to overcome Gregg Nakamura, Kelson Lau, and Noah Beschen, and he is through to Round 2.

"I got lucky. I wasn't even in the priority order but I was kind of far down towards Off The Wall, and it just swung wide, and I got it, and I made the barrel, threw my hands up and made sure the judges saw me," explained McHale.

Seth Moniz grabbed his 5'9 board, and posted the highest heat total of the event so far, with a two-wave combined score of 14.50 points.

Volcom Pipe Pro 2017 | Round 1 Results

Nathan Florence 10.00, Mikey Bruneau 5.27, Kai Lenn, 4.73, Jason Shibata 2.57
Wyatt McHale 11.00, Gregg Nakamura 6.66, Kelson Lau 3.90, Noah Beschen 3.90
Hank Gaskell 6.86, Koa Rothman 3.50, Alex Pendleton 3.43, Myles Padaca 3.36
Ezra Sitt 8.73, Dylan Goodale 8.33, Landon McNamara 5.44, Evan Valiere 2.57
Seth Moniz 14.50, Danny Fuller 8.57, Braiden Maither 5.37, Kevin Sullivan 2.37
Turo Ariitu 6.44, Chris Foster 4.87, Sheldon Paishon 4.76, Kekoa Bacalso 1.40
Kekoa Cazimero 10.50, Shayden Pacarro 4.54, Lance Gruver 4.33, Tereva David 2.20
Luke Shepardson 8.56, Ulualoha Napeahi 7.27, Takayuki Wakita 3.90, Logan Bediamol 2.70

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