The Andy Irons' family will reveal official surfer's autopsy

May 24, 2011 | Surfing
Andy Irons: a troubled life

The Andy Irons' family have issued an official statement regarding the delay of the Hawaiian surfer's autopsy and toxicology report. Many media sources have been reporting facts that aren't correct.

"Contrary to what was stated in a May 19th email sent out by Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney Ashley Fourt to members of the media, the Irons family did not request the extension of a motion to block the release of the autopsy results for Andy Irons due to be released by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner today", says the Irons' family statement.

Apparently, "a lawyer in Dallas, operating without authorization from the family, made a unilateral decision to request a delay on behalf of the family as a way to provide sufficient time for the 10-page toxicology report to be translated into laymen's terms and prevent the risk of its being misconstrued or misunderstood".

The family of Andy Irons wants "the media and public to know that we have been anticipating the results for six months and were prepared to greet the release of this information with honesty and forthrightness".

The widow of Andy Irons, Lyndie, regrets her previous remark about the truth "tarnishing Andy's brand," which she attributes to her confusion and grief at the time of learning of her husband's passing.

The statement underlines more on the difficult times that Andy lived through."We know that Andy's life and death were tainted by drugs and are ready to accept the Medical Examiner's findings".

Finally, the family of Andy Irons says it is "prepared to learn the cause of Andy's death" and "is still anxiously awaiting the results of the autopsy and toxicology report and will comment further". promised to respect and wait for the official report, back in December 2010, and will keep the word until the final episode.