The art of Bert celebrates Gabriel Medina's world title

December 30, 2014 | Surfing
Gabby's 2014 Championship: Bert depicted Medina reaching the god of waves | Print: Bert

Bert, the anonymous street artist, has released a limited edition print inspired by Gabriel Medina's maiden world surfing title.

The original piece titled "The Creation of a Teahupoo Champ" was originally put up on the wall under the I-5, at Trestles, in celebration of Medina's win at Tahiti, back in September 2014.

"I knew I had to go big to truly represent his win in the massive surf. The piece was inspired by a conversation he and his mother had prior to the final with Kelly Slater," explains Bert.

"His mother told him 'there is no one bigger than God.' The artwork is based off Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam' painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in Rome."

Bert installed his work with the helping hand of surf photojournalist Steve Sherman. The piece was put up almost in complete darkness. The only light was from Steve's phone.

"The only way to get the piece as high as I wanted was to use a 15-foot ladder. It was super sketchy since all the ground at the base of the wall is covered with giant rocks."

"It was dark and paste was dripping everywhere making everything slippery and sketchy. We had a few pretty sketchy moments with the ladder, but after one and a half hours, the piece was up."

Medina visited the piece the next morning and posted a shot on his Instagram. Another photo of the piece was used on the Hurley Pro Photo Wall displayed at the contest grounds.

The print release titled "Gabby's 2014 Championship" is based on the original piece, but altered to hold the ASP World Championship Tour trophy.

Bert at Trestles: Medina had already ordered his maiden world title | Photo: Bert

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