The backside tube riding secrets of Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater: a master in the barrel | Photo: ASP/Will H-S

Kelly Slater is undoubtedly one of the best backside barrel riders of all time. Learn how he stays in the tube longer.

Have you mastered the art of getting barreled? What about your backhand tube riding? Is it good enough to tackle the world's fastest and heaviest pits?

Let's learn from the master himself. Let's dive into Kelly Slater's heelside tube riding secrets:

1. You got to pick a line when you've got heavy chandeliers;
2. Stay low, angle up high, and don't turn while going over the chandeliers;
3. Look up high where the lip is going;
4. Forget about where the lip is landing;
5. Don't do anything when the line is closing;
6. Skip your head square to the horizon;
7. Square up your shoulders facing forward in the barrel;
8. Grab the board right at the front foot or behind just behind the front foot;
9. You can use your hand, butt, and fins to stick in to the wave or slow down;
10. Only you body moves; your head stays centered;
11. When chandeliers are coming down, if you're not on one straight line, you will fall 95 percent of the time;
11. Trust your speed and your surf line;
12. Eye the wave face and get ready to come out of the barrel;