Smartphones: get the best apps for surfers

Smartphones have changed the way we live our surfing life, and apps have become a key tool for planning our wave-riding sessions. Here are the essential apps every surfer should have.

Surfing apps serve different purposes, but you can't have all of them.

Otherwise, your mobile device will turn into a useless, chaotic app farm. Also, make sure they're light and fast so that they won't drain the battery quickly.

So, the smartest move is to be picky and ultra-selective.

You want apps that will improve your surfing experience and that will stay on your phone for a long time.

Surfers should expect two main types of apps: surf forecasting apps that allow us to check the surf report and the real-time wave conditions at our favorite break and entertainment apps that let us have fun while waiting for the next rising tide;

The World Surf League app (iOS, Android) features live broadcasts, event alerts, news updates, video highlights, athlete information, and rankings. Follow the WSL Championship Tour in real time.

The Windy app (iOS, Android) features real-time animated maps with wind and wave information, as well as tide data and classic chart displays.

The Surfline app (iOS, Android) allows you to consult surf forecasts and reports for thousands of breaks across the world. Check the waves in real-time with the surf cams installed on hundreds of worldwide beaches.

The Surfy app (iOS, Android) is a fun, arcade-style surfing game that invites you to get barreled, throw airs, perform tricks, and sometimes wipe out in a crowded lineup full of sharks, whales, rocks, and multiple objects.

The True Surf (iOS, Android) is the best mobile surfing game ever released. With its realistic simulation engine, 21 world-class surf spots, and real-time ocean and weather conditions, True Surf will keep you entertained for hours.

The Stick Surfer app (iOS, Android) puts you in the skin of Stickson, a legendary wave rider who is always ready to shoot the pier and ride the deepest tube.

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