Malibu Beach: surfing through the Californian eye of Leroy Grannis

Los Angeles and surfing are like wax and a surfboard. Whether you're a pro surfer, an intermediate challenger, or a dedicated beginner, surfing in LA is an unforgettable life experience. No one photographed wave riding in Los Angeles as Leroy Grannis did.

The most populous Californian city is blessed with a beautiful coast with plenty of surf spots for all surf levels.

With its subtropical Mediterranean climate, Los Angeles is the capital of the surfing lifestyle and all-year-round wave consistency.

Surfing LA

Malibu is the iconic center of surfing in Los Angeles. The several point breaks and the entirely relaxed atmosphere in the line-up are in the DNA of Malibu Surfrider Beach.

There are 21 miles (34 kilometers) of sand and wave peaks to be explored - a true longboarder's heaven.

Zuma Beach offers a large number of peaks for everyone to enjoy. Known for its crystal clear and clean water, Zuma is the perfect venue for many surf contests.

Topanga Point has a strong, passionate team of locals and offers waves for all surfers. On special days, this point break can deliver top-class rides that will mark your surfing career forever.

Venice Beach is a classic Californian surf break. Although it is extremely crowded, this is a great option for all LA Westsiders.

Venice Beach has a 2.5-mile boardwalk packed with locals and tourists, and if you've just shown off in the waves, you might get a sponsor deal by the strip.

Hermosa Beach also offers a strand for you to get noticed. The Surfer Statue is a great inspiration for your surfing session right close to the pier.

Manhattan Beach is a great option for experienced surfers. If you enjoy big wave surfing in Los Angeles, then rideable 12-foot waves are all you've asked for.

Surfing in LA wouldn't be completed without a session in Redondo Beach, a place where surfing competes with beach volleyball.

Surfing in Los Angeles is breathing the origins of modern wave riding. The surf culture, the lifestyle, the surf trends, and innovation out in the watermark the Californian surf experience.

For a complete round through the best waves of LA, check out El Porto, Heavens, Leo Carillo, Lunada Bay, Pyramid Cove Point, Samo 20, Sunset Beach, TC's, and Zeroes.

Discover the best Southern California surf spots.

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