Boardshorts: surfing trunks must be lightweight, machine washable, stretchable, seam taped, comfortable, water repellent and stylish

Lightweight, machine washable, stretchable, seam taped, comfortable, water repellent, and stylish. Boardshorts are a central piece in the surfer's closet.

In the last decades, wave riders have been traveling and exploring new surf spots in every region of the world. It is now possible to surf waves for 12 months, in summer and warm water conditions, during the 12 months of the year.

Boardshorts are a great way to free yourself from wetsuit slavery, as long as the water temperature keeps the body ready to respond to the surfing maneuvers without losing performance.

The popularity of boardshorts is a consequence of the surfing lifestyle. The surf industry has been developing new materials so that trunks get more flexible and lightweight during each wave ride.

The best boardshorts in the world are usually expensive yet durable. Surf brands have designed cool models with several key features. If you're buying new boardshorts, take a look at a few details.

Polyester is the main material used in modern boardshorts, although it can be blended with recycled polyester, elastane, spandex, lycra, and other microfibers.

The final result is an ultra-suede feel. All-round drawstrings are also a relevant issue to be taken into consideration, as they might be more comfortable than velcro fly.

Small pockets sealed with velcro, portable fin keys, and tight neoprene waistbands are some of the additional features that you will find in the world's best boardshorts.

The Best Boardshorts for 2024

Shop the latest and bestselling boardshorts. Our favorite surf trunks for the 2024 season are:

Rip Curl's boardshorts use stretch fabrics that are fused with an equally flexible stretch tape. The Australian brand promises ergonomically fit designs and body-mapped paneling that reduces the need for seams in critical areas.


Rip Curl Mirage Core 20''

Rip Curl Mirage Core 20''

The Mirage Core boardshorts are designed with elastostretch 3 fabric for ultimate comfort and performance. Features a 20'' outseam for a mid-length fit, the brand's unique waist tie tech, and a high hip zipper mesh pocket.


Find the latest Rip Curl Boardshorts

Billabong says life's better in boardshorts. That is actually true, and their Platinum X and Recycler series offer side binding, wave patch, and epic stretch boardshorts. Comfortable trunks whether you're surfing or checking the swell from the coast.


Billabong Fluid Airlite

Billabong Fluid Airlite

The Fluid Airlite boardshorts are made with 89 percent recycled polyester and 11 percent elastane. Provides high levels of flexibility, breathability, stability, and comfort.


Find the latest Billabong Boardshorts

Quiksilver has been developing the Cypher boardshorts and testing them with international surfing stars like Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds. Water-repellant construction, double-up closure, machine wash possibilities, and outseam features put their boardshorts in the top rankings.


Quiksilver Highline New Wave Pro

Quiksilver Highline New Wave Pro

The Highline New Wave Pro boardshorts feature four-way stretch fabric, water-repellent hydrophobic coating, a 19'' mid-length outseam, and a heat-welded zip-up pocket.


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O'Neill has a lot of experience in surf wear. The surf brand founded by Jack O'Neill offers boardshorts with quick-dry systems and superfly construction. Recycling materials for new trunks is one of their specialties.


O'Neill Hyperfreak

O'Neill Hyperfreak

The Hyperfreak boardshorts feature a drawstring closure, a 21-inch outseam, and an anti-rash stretch hyper thread. They can be put in the washing machine.


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Hurley has been delivering impressive boardshorts. The Phantom series is made of recycled fabric that dries faster than you can scarf a burrito.


Hurley Phantom Hyperweave

Hurley Phantom Hyperweave

The Phantom Hyperweave boardshorts feature a quick-drying, four-way, long-lasting stretch fabric that lets you surf freely in any condition. It is machine washable and extremely lightweight.


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Volcom enjoys mixing it up a bit. With asymmetrical construction, a solid and scalloped print combo, and unique looks, you'll impress and surf freely.


Volcom Deadly Plus Mod

Volcom Deadly Plus Mod

The Deadly Plus Mod boardshorts display a four-way stretch, welded hems and inseam, and a welded side zip.


Find the latest Volcom Boardshorts

RVCA has a collection of boardshorts with water-resistant 4-way stretch materials, pockets, and colorful, modern, and cool patterns for starting off your summer in style.


RVCA Eastern

RVCA Eastern

The Eastern boardshorts balance function and style. It features a water-repellent coating, a drawstring closure, and a hook-and-loop closure with drawcord closure on the fly.


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The boardshorts review has been updated on January 10, 2024.

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