Santa Claus: he got himself a new surfboard

Christmas is coming to town and Santa Claus is preparing to deliver great surfing gifts for the well-behaved riders. It's time to give and to buy something for ourselves, too.

When it comes to Christmas surfing presents, the list is long. There is a wide offer of surf-related products that we would love to own or give.

From surfboards to cold water wax, there are options and great deals for all pockets and income.

Surf movies are one of the most popular choices. Start by collecting the best surf movies of all time, one by one. Another cheap alternative for a Christmas gift is a surfing video game.

Boardshorts, wetsuits, sandals, rash guards, booties, shoes, and sunglasses are mid-range surfing products that can also be bought online for a fair price.

If you're willing to spend more in, we know you've always dreamed of trying the incredible GoPro HD cameras.

Surf watches are very popular because of the new features: tidal information, temperature, sunset times, heat timers, and moon phases on your wrist.

If you're traveling, surfboard racks are quite affordable.

If the winter swell or the flat days (for the Australians) are keeping you out of the waves, enjoy a surf book with a great set of surf-styled headphones.

Fortunately, surfers have tons of gear and apparel to collect. Discover The Surfing Christmas Gift Guide for 2019.

Christmas is only another excuse for being a grom again. Merry Christmas!

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