Surf camps: some lodges are more comfortable than a five-star hotel | Photo: Ribeira Surf Camp

Surf camps are everywhere. One step away from the best surf spots on the planet and with idyllic views of world-class wave peaks, surf camps are the ultimate surf lodge for beginners, intermediate, and pro surfers.

Choosing a surf camp is like choosing the place where you'll sleep during a standard vacation with family or friends.

First, carefully select the type of wave you're looking after. Are you planning your first surfing lesson?

Do you need to improve your bottom turns? Looking to fine-tune your aerial tricks? SurferToday will guide you.

After choosing the right surf spot for your surfing needs, it's time to select the surfing camp.

The quality of the accommodation, the distance to the beach, the privacy of the apartment, and the existence of a surf shop nearby are relevant variables when booking your surf camp.

Other important details and amenities include TV, WiFi, private bathroom, outside showers, video gaming, kitchen, garden, transportation, restaurant, yoga rooms, and additional facilities such as extra beds or heated rooms.

In Portugal, Europe's most consistent surf spot, there are surf camps for all budgets throughout the country.

The first unit was established in the early 1990s, and since then, the sports tourism offer has been steadily increasing in the land of 300 sunny days per year.

This Western European nation definitely has the highest number of surf camps per capita.

In Australia and the USA, surf camps have been joining forces and have grouped into business networks of three, four, five, and more locations.

Each surf camp brand offers a custom-designed package of services: accommodation, meals, transportation, and surf lessons.

In countries like Indonesia, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico, it's easier to find a family-run surf camp where, besides accommodation, you can still hear the most incredible stories about surfing in those places.

Today, the concept of surf camp is often misused.

There are thousands of surf schools selling their surfing lessons as a surf camp offer, but they lack authorizations and sometimes don't have the necessary hospitality management skills.

And remember: when you're looking for a surf camp, you do not necessarily have to learn how to surf or buy lessons.

The main goal of a surf camp is to offer a unique experience to their customers - staying close to the waves they've dreamed of.

Fortunately, in most cases, the surf camp experience is much better than a luxurious stay in a five-star hotel.

Discover some of the greatest surf camps in the world:

Peniche Surf Camp
Baleal Surf Camp
Surfivor Surf Camp
Amado Surf Camp
Peste Surf Camp
Ribeira Surf Camp

Mint Surf Morocco
Moroc Surf
The Spot Morocco

Natural Surf Lodge
Star Surf Camps
Koala Surf Camp

Surf Camp Pipa Brazil

Costa Rica
Witch's Rock Surf Camp
Del Mar Surf Camp
Vista Guapa Surf Camp
Una Ola Surf Camp

Surf Camp Sumatra
G-Land Surf Camp
Mentawai Surf Camp

Art Surf Camp
Raz Surf Camp

Surf Camp Australia
Mojosurf Camp

Surfer's Paradise Campsite
Reef Surf Lodge

Sagana Resort Cloud 9

Surf Hatteras
Surf Diva
Surfhouse Adventures
Endless Summer Surf Camp
Surf Camp San Diego

Need help? Learn how to choose the right surf camp.

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