Surf comics: in a strip, everything is possible | Photo: Alberto Verdeja

Surf comics are an excellent way of pumping a surfer's heart. Dream barrels are always possible when you see yourself in a surf comic strip. Fun, color, hilarious gags, and unique pieces of surf culture history.

Surf comics are not very common in surf magazines.

There are a lot of great strips with loads of famous surfing catchphrases, but they seem to be a little bit repetitive.

Drawings are copied and pasted, and then only the words change in the text balloons and captions.

Fortunately, there are superb surf comic authors adding creativity, humor, quality stories, and perfectly designed panels and strips.

Usually, surfing is in the center of the comics, but you can also do beer drinking, surf shop buying, and girl-impressing stunts.

The best surf cartoons can be read and seen over the internet.

Wilbur Kookmeyer

One of the most important surf comics ever written is "Wilbur Kookmeyer," a character created by Bob Penuelas in 1986.

The last strip was published in 2006, but you can check the most famous strips online.

Surf Dudes

"Surf Dudes" is a funny comic strip about the life issues of surfers in the line-up.

JR Johnson is a great drawer and has published more than 100 surf strips that can be seen online.

Blue and Blonde

Chris Malone offers more than ten chapters online of his "Blue and Blonde" surf comic adventures.

Malone has a unique cartoon style that is very much influenced by Japanese manga.

Tubby and Wiskit

Pat Grant drew fewer surf comic strips, but his online examples are of very high quality.

His original colorful frames have relevant and hilarious content about the surf industry and surf lifestyle. Check "Tubby and Wiskit."

Tico and Jake

Made in black-and-white version, "Tico and Jake" is a 40-episode surf comic project designed by Alberto Verdeja.

The quality of his work should be enough to get a weekly deal in a national newspaper.

The Reef

"The Reef" is a low-fi retro-styled surf comic authored by W. Dire Wolff.

Kleeman and Mike

Finally, check "Kleeman and Mike," a splendid surf comic animation produced by Randall Christopher.

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