Fuerteventura: a surfing paradise in the Canary Islands

Fuerteventura is an island in the Spanish archipelago of the Canaries. It is one of the most popular places for surfing in Europe.

The spots around the island suit both professionals and beginners.

Many celebrities choose Fuerteventura as an outdoor activity destination where they ride waves on their boards.

The period from October to April is a big wave season for professional surfers. But even then, there are always beaches available for beginners.

The wind blows all year round. But calm days may occur in September.

The average water temperature is between 72-73 °F (22-23 °C).

In February, the temperature can go down to 66 °F (19 °C). Between September and October, it can go up to 77 °F (25 °C).

There is no set season for storms in the Canary Islands. In summer, the mid-temperature of the air goes up to 86°F (30 °C), and it becomes a bit higher in August.

In winter, the average air temperature ranges between 71-77°F (22-25 °C).

El Cotillo

El Cotillo: an intense beach break

Located on the North of the island, it is an intense beach break with barrels.

In winter, the sandy bottom is very much washed out, producing powerful waves and new currents.

Waves close out quite often when an overhead swell arrives, or a tide is not good enough for the bottom.

It is a good spot for intermediate levels or higher. In summer, it is the perfect spot for beginners.


Flag Beach

This snow-white four-mile (6.5 kilometers) long beach is a real Mecca for kitesurfers, windsurfers, and surfers.

The best time for wind lovers is from March to November period. As to surfers, they will be more often lucky in wintertime.

The spot is suitable for beginners and intermediate-level surfers.

It is characterized by a sandy bottom with stony fragments.

Beginners should wear booties.


El Tubudero

El Tubudero: where A-frame waves and barrels come to life

This reef break has a sandy bottom in some areas. You'll find A-frame waves.

When there's a good swell, the barrels come to life.

A nice peak for intermediate and beginner surfers.


La Caleta

A left-hand reef break for beginners. It works in the autumn and winter months.


Punta Blanca

A beginner's reef break with a long right-hand wave.

Ideal for intermediate and beginner surfers.

It works best in spring and autumn.


Punta Elena

Punta Elena: a reef break with several peaks

A reef break with several peaks. One of them is called Rocky Point, and it is a training spot.

The other two are suitable for an intermediate-level surfer or higher. Ride left and right.



A reef break with lefts and rights for confident intermediate surfers.



A reef break with left and right options. There is a localism phenomenon here.

Locals can be hostile. You should be extremely polite and careful while paddling for a wave.

For intermediate and advanced wave riders. In wintertime, it is often pumping.


La Generosa

La Generosa: a left and right-hand reef break

A left and right-hand reef break. A sloping and comfortable wave for intermediate and advanced surfers.

It pumps in autumn and wintertime.



A reef break with right and left waves. Watch out for the heavy currents.

A spot for intermediate and advanced surfers. It works in autumn, winter, and summer.


El Hierro

Fuerteventura's world-renowned surf spot. A reef break with two peaks, A-frame waves, and barrels.

For intermediate and advanced surfers only. Max pumping arrives in wintertime.


La Derecha de Alemania

A reef break with a complicated entry and exit. Its strong currents are caused by steep waves.

A right-hand wave for confident intermediate surfers. It works in autumn and wintertime.



One of the heaviest reef breaks on the island. A fast right-hand wave.

Watch out for the dangerously short distance between the lineup and the seaside cliffs.

For advanced and pro surfers only. It works in wintertime.


Los Lobos

Los Lobos: the longest wave in the Canary Islands

The longest wave in the Canary Islands. A fast right-hand wave.

A hyper-advanced challenge for intermediate and advanced surfers. It works in autumn and wintertime.

The International Surf School can guide you through the best wave spots of Fuerteventura.

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