Basse-Pointe: a world-class point break | Photo: Selden Vestrit/Creative Commons

Martinique is a magical place. The overseas region of France stands in the heart of the Caribbean Sea and was first sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1493.

It is one of the many islands of the Lesser Antilles, commonly known as the Windward Islands.

The Caribbean islands are steadily stepping into the world of surfing.

The quality waves are not new, but surf travelers have only started to discover their full potential in the 21st century.

Martinique has two main attraction poles: the north (for surfers) and the south (for classic tourists).

Northern Martinique

The town of Basse-Pointe offers magnificent, long, powerful right-hand waves, just 50 kilometers away from Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique.

Basse-Point is located in the northeastern region and gets plenty of swell from the North Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea.

A fantastic point break.

Le Diamant: a surf spot in the south of Martinique | Photo: phgaillard2001/Creative Commons

If you're booking a flight to Martinique, make sure you're traveling during the best surfing season between November and March.

The hurricane season (July-October) should be avoided. A tropical climate is what to expect all year round.

Le Lorrain, south of Basse-Pointe, is a small bay surrounded by green fields with plenty of quality waves for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Anse Charpentier sits between Sainte Marie and Le Lorrain.

The right-hand reef break hides tricky rip currents but will hold bigger swells with its sand and coral bottom.

In the La Trinité district, head to Anse Bonneville Beach if you know a good Northwest swell is about to land on the island.

It's the most popular surf spot in Martinique.

The Caravelle Peninsula has several surf spots that deserve close attention.

Ask for Cocoa, near Tartane and Pelle à Tarte, where you'll discover powerful A-frame peaks for the brave.

Alternatively, if you're on the northwestern side of Martinique, Anse Couleuvre will pump strong and powerful barrels over shallow coral waters.

Anse Ceron is a shore break spot with black sands, while Tomate, at Le Prêcheur, delivers long rides over a sand and rock bottom.

Anse Trabaud: a pearl in the south | Photo:

Southern Martinique

The southern region of Martinique is less surfer-friendly.

Nevertheless, and depending on the swell forecast, you might have fun at Anse Trabaud (sand bottom and great for bodyboarders) in the Sainte-Anne district.

Anse Cafard, in the Le Diamant region, will also offer rides for all levels.

Martinique has a fantastic geographical location.

The marriage between climate and potential swell directions will transform the island into one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean.

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