Surf vans: you don't need anything else

Surf vans are the ultimate surfer's dream. The best way to travel and complete the surf trips of our lives is by gathering a few friends and hitting the road with surfboards, shorts, a couple of shirts, and some pocket money.

In the early days, boards were transported in any car.

California, on the west coast of the USA, showed us it was cool and easy to check the surf spots with a bunch of boys and girls, music, and beer with a few dollars for gas.

Some of the vans and cars of the 1960s are now vintage surf classics. Everyone wants to ride the coolest oldie mobile vehicle through alternative coastal routes.

Today, surf vans can be bought and rented. Fortunately, they are quite affordable and can be tuned to your preferences.

The Volkswagen Westfalia Camper is one of the most famous transportation vehicles for surfers.

Owners of this true summer classic often meet in several countries to share their experiences and knowledge. There are several versions of the old model available.

The Ford Transit is one of the most popular vans in the UK. Many units have been converted by surfers and windsurfers.

There are special guides online that help you customize the different versions of the Transit.

Many Fiat Scudo owners have also converted their units to surf vans, with a small space for a good night's sleep and room for boards, food, and accessories.

The famous Mercedes Vito has plenty of space for everything

You can easily build a surf palace there with a bit of creativity and help from professionals. A fridge full of cool beers is possible.

Finally, the Renault Trafic is ready to become a surf classic. The first generation was built in 1980 and was a total success.

The 9-seater version can be changed to fit your desired taste. It’s another great surf van for a couple of surfers en route to incredible surfing experiences.

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