The best surfboard travel bags


Surfboard travel bags: protect your favorite stick from cracks and heat

Surfboard travel bags protect your plank from unwanted dings, sunlight and will make your surf trips last longer.

Whether you're traveling by plane, by car, in a bicycle or just walking barefoot to your local surf spot, you must always protect your surfboard.

Cracks, holes and fissures will damage you board. The best way to avoid ding repair kits is by getting yourself a quality surfboard bag. In the end, you'll be saving money.

Surfboard travel bags have several functions. A good board cover will protect your surfboard from the harmful effects caused by the sun rays and sun heat.

A surfboard in a bag can be easily mounted on a bike rack or on a car rack. If you're on a surf trip, protecting your favorite stick is critical. If you live by the beach, get your hands free for a mobile phone or a wetsuit bag.

Travel bag manufacturers are developing models that may accommodate a single or multiple surfboards, with special pockets for fins and FCS keys.

Everyone should own, at least, a single board bag for the daily surf sessions. Regular airline travelers may opt for surfboard coffins, with or without wheels.

The best surfboard travel bags offer reinforced foam padding, resistant outer layer, heat reflective tarpaulin, water resistant materials, and strong zippers and shoulder straps.

Surfboards should fit tight, but not too much. For example, if you own a 6'2'' surfboard, a 6'4'' surfboard travel bag will be a good pick. In an emergency, you may get a bigger board in it, without a problem.

The "DaKine Daylight Thruster Bag" offers heat resistant tarpaulin material and padding. It features a padded shoulder strap, heavy duty, corrosion proof, wrap around zipper, and wax pocket for only $50.

The "DaKine Recon II Thruster" features a heat reflecting, energy shield bottom, durable 600D polyester top, 3/8" closed cell foam padding throughout, and a heavy duty, corrosion-proof zipper for $149.

The "DaKine Daylight Deluxe Noserider" deflects the sun's rays, comes with a corrosion-proof zipper which opens and closes smoothly even after seasons of exposure to salty air and water. It can be yours for $134.

The "DaKine Shuttle Bag" is a minimalist solution that offers protection with its 1/4-inch foam padding and heat-and-element resistant tarpaulin material. Compact and easy to use for only 

The "Komunity Project Traveller Single Shortboard" presents thermo-flow technology, padded shoulder strap, the world's first wax strips, external wetsuit storage pocket and multiple internal storage pockets. It can be yours for $91.

The "Curve Travel Shortboard Bag" offers extra nose and tail protection, and a Tail Protection Strap System (TPSS) - a built-in strap that wraps around the tail of your surfboard holding it firm inside the bag and away from the zipper. Get it for $63.

The "Pro-Lite Wheeled Coffin Travel Bag" features 10mm foam, molded non-corrosive zippers, interior storage/fin pockets, tie down loops, super tough roller blade wheels, and individual spaces that hold 2-4 surfboards. Yours for $453.

The "Surftech 12'6'' SUP Board Bag" has 10mm of padding, a side pocket for your towel and car keys, as well as a removable carry strap. With handles on the top and bottom of the bag, carrying your board to the car has never been easier. Yours for $135.

The "FCS Dayrunner Shortboard" featuring 5mm foam padding throughout the bag for protection, a durable PK Derlin zipper that will last for years, and a wide, wrap around zippered opening for convenient storage and retrieval. Get it for $79.

The "Sticky Bumps Single Day Thruster Bag" is a great choice for day trips. Large access, internal pocket, a detachable padded shoulder strap and a PVC nose protector are worth the $80.

The surfboard travel bag review has been updated on May 2, 2018.