Surfing stamps: the commemorative stamps of Surfing Australia's 50th Anniversary

Surfing stamps are rare and unique. In fact, the postage stamp may only be a piece of paper with gum adhesive on the reverse side, but collectors know how to value it. And surfers, too.

Stamps were only introduced in societies back in 1840. The first postage stamp was put on sale in the UK, with the young Queen Victoria on the face.

Stamps tell stories and can easily communicate trends, ideas, propaganda, and dreams.

When surfing gets "stamped," something has happened, or eventually, something will happen - summer vacation in Waikiki or the next Olympic Games.

Surfing Stamps: Hawaii is always an inspiration

There is, truly, a history of surfing stamps. Collectors have been buying and selling them. Philately is a hobby but also a profitable business.

Surfing stamps usually communicate dreams and a fantastic lifestyle. Stamp designers have many ways of communicating the values of surfing.

Interestingly, windsurfing stamps are more common than surfing stamps.

Surfing Stamps: Duke and a surfer from Belarus, where there's no ocean

Windsurfing philately is more popular than surfing postage stamps because board sailing was upgraded to Olympic class in the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, there are beautiful artworks with surfers.

From the commemorative stamps that celebrate Surfing Australia's 50th Anniversary to the naive surf stamps from Belarus, it's all a matter of personal choice.

Surfing in Lybia, too? Of course. Pick your favorite:

Surfing Stamps: surfing in Lybia is a reality

Surfing Stamps: beginners riding waves in Tokelau

Surfing Stamps: some folks never learn surf etiquette

Surfing Stamps: Goofy is, in fact, a goofy-footer

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