The best swim fins for bodysurfing

Swim fins: bodysurfers need light and floating propulsion

Riding a wave with your body is an extraordinary experience. It's just you and the ocean. However, you can hardly do it without swim fins especially designed for bodysurfers.

There are notable differences between bodyboarding fins and bodysurfing fins. Some might think you won't notice the difference between both fin models, but that isn't absolutely exact.

Swim fins for bodysurfing should be comfortable and perfectly fit the rider's feet. You don't want them to be too big and too loose. The modern molded rubber materials are lightweight and will adapt to small, medium and large feet.

Poor quality swim fins will hurt your feet, toes, Achilles tendons, ankles, and calf muscles. Some of them will even cut your feet and wetsuit, or let sand in. That is why it is critical to learn how to choose bodysurfing fins.

The bodysurf fins should also float. If, for any reason, you lose a fin in the water, floating models will ensure you're safe, and you won't need to buy another pair. Remember that, in bodysurfing, fins are a natural extension of your body.

Swim fins for bodysurfers have a few tweaks in design, too. For example, they're really compact, and a few models have no right or left foot difference. Additionally, you need them for swimming underwater and to work in real-time with the wave, as you draw the surf line with your whole body.


DaFIN Swim Fins


DaFIN is one of the most respected swim fins in the bodysurfing market. Created by Andy Cochran in Hawaii, it is the only swim fin endorsed by the United States Lifesaving Association. Yours for $65.



Churchill Makapuu Swim Fins

Churchill Makapuu

The Churchill Makapuu swim fins are probably the most popular fins in the world. They provide power and acceleration, include a drain hole and stiffer rubber on the blade for more kick power. Yours for $50.



Viper V-5 Swim Fins

Viper V-5

The Viper V-5 swim fins need no introduction. It is designed to be an all purpose fin for both bodyboarding and bodysurfing. It has a five-inch blade with the vertical side rails slanted down to a narrow tip. Only 89.



Mike Stewart Viper Flex Swim Fins

Mike Stewart Viper Flex

The Mike Stewart Viper Flex swim fins offer the same design as the yellow-dot MS Vipers, but they're made with softer rubber compounds. The delta tail design enhances control and minimizes drag. Only $80.



Viper V-7 Swim Fins

Viper V-7

The Viper V-7 swim fins are a popular model with full length raised side rails for maximum power and thrust. Their large blades make them a great pair of fins for big wave bodysurfing. Yours for $95.



Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins

Voit Duck Feet

The Voit Duck Feet swim fins swim are a legendary model constructed from dual-density rubber. They were developed in 1953 and have remained symmetrical in all propulsive planes. Get instant response, thrust and greater propulsion with minimum effort. Only $40.



Ally ERS4 Swim Fins

Ally ERS4

The Ally ERS4 swim fins feature a v-thermal ankle strap for locked in comfort. They float in salt water and have been designed to walk on slippery surfaces. Drainage exit holes provide an easy exit for sand and gravel. Yours for $59.



Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fins

Hydro Tech 2

The Hydro Tech 2 swim fins have been specifically designed to be molded in silicone, as opposed to rubber. They promise not to cause blisters, they're UV proof, and minimal resistance to kick action. An alternative to rubber for $65.


The swim fins for bodysurfers review has been updated on March 15 2019.

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