Andy Irons: he is getting barreled in heaven

The most experienced tube riders in the world have enjoyed long, difficult, hollow, deep, and perfect barrels. Who are they, and how complicated is it to get pitted?

Getting barreled in a wave is the ultimate dream of every surfer. If tube riding could be taught in the university, it would be the hardest exam. In this case, if you fail, it's wipeout time over the falls.

Surfing the tube is a sensorial experience.

Tube riders contemplate the cave with their eyes, hear the spray and power of waves with their ears, touch the wave face with their hand, and even smell the salted flavor of ocean water when they're spat.

Tube riding: only a surfer knows the meaning

The tube ride demands practice and quality waves, too. Usually, you're not allowed to get cover for a long time. The circular curtain of salted water is fast and demands timing and momentum.

The best tube riders in the world have experienced a wide variety of surf breaks. After thousands of wave rides, they get to know when it's time to stall and get pitted.

Dominating the Pipeline is not a mission for the average surfer. When the only way out is through a super fast, sucking left-handed barrel, then let it for the masters.

The surf barrel: stall and enjoy the ride

The most coveted maneuver in surfing also requires techniques such as pumping, speeding up, drawing the optimal line in the pocket, and lowering your body.

Being blown out of the tube is an experience specially designed for a restricted group of surfers.

Cory Lopez is one of the luckiest surfers on Earth, as he scored the longest tube ride ever recorded. Thirty seconds. Exactly, 30 seconds of pure tube riding pleasure.

The 50 Best Tube Riders of All Time

Adriano de Souza
Al Mennie
Alex Gray
Andy Irons
Brian Conley
Bruce Irons
CJ Hobgood
Cory Lopez
Damien Hobgood
Dane Reynolds
Dean Morrison
Derek Ho
Fábio Gouveia
Garrett McNamara
Gary Elkerton
Gerry Lopez
Ian Walsh
Jamie O'Brien
Jeff Hakman
Jeremy Flores
John John Florence
Johnny Boy Gomes
Josh Kerr
Kalani Chapman
Kelly Slater
Koby Abberton
Laird Hamilton
Larry Blair
Laurie Towner
Mark Healey
Mark Mathews
Mark Occhilupo
Mark Richards
Michael Ho
Mick Fanning
Mikala Jones
Nathan Edge
Ozzie Wright
Peter Mel
Picuruta Salazar
Richie Fitzgerald
Rob Machado
Rory Russell
Shane Dorian
Shaun Tomson
Sunny Garcia
Taj Burrow
Tiago Pires
Timmy Reyes
Tom Caroll


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