Miki Dora: surfer, entertainer, lover, and thief | Photo: Gerald Saunders

A bold character, an iconic entertainer, a beach bum, an intellectually superior persona, a rebel without a cause, a smart ass, a talented surfer, a selfish legend, a stupid prankster, or a despicable person.

Who was Miki "Da Cat" Dora? What does he mean to you?

The self-proclaimed King of Malibu was a control freak when letting others enter his private world. In most cases, he wanted money in return for five-minute interviews or short surfing clips.

That is why there are so few video appearances of Mike Dora on video-sharing websites.

"The Black Knight" also believed he could reach star status by keeping his image off surf magazines and surf movies.

Nevertheless, there are a few gems out there in Miki's attic - the thoughts and ideas and the visual legacy.

Hopefully, he won't charge us a penny for watching his solid cross-stepping stunts on his longboard.

The "Gypsy Darling" - and let us not forget that Miki Dora was born in Budapest, Hungary - starred in a few films, including "Gidget," "Ride The Wild Surf" and "Surfers: The Movie."

Whatever you think of him, Dora lives. In a way, there's always something of Mickey in all of us.

And his soul still hangs around Malibu's First Point, dropping in on everyone who tries to steal his throne.

If you want to know more about the man who never had a job but always carried a credit card, read "All for a Few Perfect Waves," "Dora Lives: The Authorized Story Of Miki Dora," and watch "Chasing Dora."

Beautiful surfing clips featuring Miki Dora in knee-to-head-high waves.

Watch "Da Cat" entering the shortboard revolution and shooting piers as morning breakfast.

Iconic surf filmmaker Bruce Brown interviews Miki Dora.

"I was one fellow that rode Malibu quite well at a certain time in history, and I doubt if great few people are able to find these types of conditions again."

Style and attitude are everything. Right, Miki?

Exotic Dora shoots for life and reveals he is a lonely guy.

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