Rusty Preisendorfer: shaping surfboards since 1969 | Photo: The Boardroom

Rusty Preisendorfer will be honored at The Boardroom 2015 in Del Mar, California, between May 16 and 17.

The career of the experienced surfboard shaper will be highlighted during the Icons of Foam Shape-Off Tribute. Preisendorfer has been producing surfboards since 1969.

"It's so great to have so many artists, craftsmen, and innovators all under one roof for a weekend. I spend hours walking the show marveling at all the incredible work people are doing," noted Rusty Preisendorfer.

"I love the Tribute Shape-off and Chunk of Foam Challenge. I always learn something. It's always good talking story with all my friends in the business."

"I also enjoy meeting surfers who have a real passion for their equipment. The Boardroom is the show dedicated to just surfboards. I look forward to it every year."

The Boardroom 2015 honoree has set a standard in surfboard shaping.

His list of clients includes iconic names such as Shaun Tomson, Mark Occhilupo, Peter Townend, Dave Parmenter, Mike Parsons, Nic Vaughn, and Josh Kerr, to name a few.

"Since the show's inception, all of the shapers that participate in the shape-off do so out of respect for the honoree and the craft of surfboard shaping - a sacred craft," underlines Scott Bass, executive director of The Boardroom.

Rusty joins the impressive list of Icons of Foam honorees Mike Diffenderfer, Bill Caster, John Bradbury, Dick Brewer, Renny Yater, Simon Anderson, Doug Haut, Carl Ekstrom, Mark Richards, Rich Price, Terry Martin, and Ben Aipa.

The six shapers honoring Rusty during the shaping competition are Stu Kenson (San Diego), Ward Coffey (Santa Cruz), Tim Stamps (Seal Beach), Chris Christenson (Cardiff-by-the-Sea), Dave Parmenter (San Luis Obispo) and defending champion Roger Hinds (Seal Beach).

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