The Boardroom 2016 celebrates big wave surfboard shaping

March 22, 2016 | Surfing
Gerry Lopez: he will be honored at The Boardroom | Photo: The Boardroom

Gerry Lopez and big wave guns will take center stage at The Boardroom International Surfboard Show 2016, between May 14th-15th, in Del Mar, California.

Hawaiian surfer and shaper Gerry Lopez, 67, will be honored in the Icons of Foam - Tribute to the Masters Shape-Off, in which the best craftsman wins $1,000 for a perfect surfboard replica.

Lopez is widely considered one of the best tube riders of all time. He conquered the Pipeline Masters in 1972, founded Lightning Bolt Surfboards, and traveled the world in search of untouched surf spots.

Gerry Lopez worked as an actor in multiple movies, including "Big Wednesday," "North Shore," "Five Summer Stories," and "Riding Giants." His book "Surf Is Where You Find It" is a must-read.

The surfboard manufacturing event will also celebrate its ninth edition with the Best In Show Big Wave Guns, an exhibition of stunning surfboards shaped for paddling into giant waves.

"Each exhibitor will enter one board. The anonymous judges will focus first and foremost on performance-oriented, cutting edge big wave surfboard design and secondarily on aesthetic beauty," explain the organizers of The Boardroom.

"The winning shaper will receive a free booth in the 2017 Boardroom International Surfboard Show and $500 in branded private label surf wax from the Bubble Gum Surf Wax laboratories."

The Boardroom 2016 will also showcase glassing, laminating, and color work demonstrations, seminars, surf forecasting lessons, ukulele and guitar exhibitions, surfboard shaping demos, and much more.

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