Surf Shacks: surf-inspired homes | Photo: Gestalten/Indoek

How does surfing play a role in architecture? The answer has been revealed in a masterpiece titled "Surf Shacks."

Gestalten is a German publisher known for releasing state-of-the-art architecture, design, photography, and lifestyle books.

You could think that Germans would not have the best knowledge and taste for a surf publication, but that is not true at all.

The publishing company invited surf collective Indoek to compile some of their favorite surf homes. And the result is magnificent.

"Surf Shacks" is an ode to surfing.

In many ways. It is one of the heaviest surf-inspired editions we've seen, and it is also an example of the most important in a book: its content.

The four-pound, 256-page coffee table book features all types of surf homes - surf vans, East Coast classic homes, the Mid-Century modern place, the readymade beach shelter, the northern cabin, and the A-frame accommodation.

Surf Shacks: 40 dream surfer homes | Photo: Gestalten/Indoek

Surfer Living

There are no less than 40 homes for you to explore.

They belong to famous names in the surfing world, including Sam McIntosh, Raimana Van Bastolaer, Kassia Meador, Cyrus Sutton, Mikey DeTemple, Strider Wasilewski, Dylan Graves, Randy Hild, Justin Quintal, Gabe Sullivan, and many others.

The photographs are not alone. "Surf Shacks" presents unpredictable Q&As with the owners of the properties.

They all have one thing in common: these men and women live and breathe surfing.

However, each one of them has built a different type of space they call home. The book shows them all - the high-end apartment filled with design objects and the classic wooden retreat.

Whatever your taste may be, you'll probably like them all. Why? Because they all immediately tell you a surfer is living there.

"Surf Shacks" is a dream book, and it may very well change the way you imagine your future home.

Surf Shacks: homes where surf matters | Photo: Gestalten/Indoek

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