The Boscombe Surf Reef needs to be fine tuned

January 31, 2010 | Surfing

Boscombe Surf Reef

Europe's first artificial surf reef - the Boscombe Surf Reef - is under evaluation after several complaints from local surfers.

The project finished last November, 12 months after the initial plan, needs to be fine tuned as surfers say the waves are too steep, breaking too quickly and the ride is too short.

Also, at low tide, the huge sand bags are too near the surface and surfboard fins may rip off the artificial reef. Dorset surfers think that the perfect waves might kick off if the experts adjust Boscombe's surf reef.

Everyone agrees that the equipment is only suitable for the bodyboarders who do not have to stand-up and bottom turn.

"The surf reef was launched in early November 2009 and so it is still too early to say exactly how well it is working. As expected, the surf reef is still bedding down and is changing all the time and so it has not yet taken its final shape", says Mark Smith, Director of Tourism.

"The Council’s review on the reef’s performance is thorough, Plymouth University has been instructed to analyse the performance over twelve months and this takes place on a daily basis".

The results of 6-month the performance review will be released in March, and the 12-month report later in the year. The surf reef was built by New Zealand-based ASR and costed £3.000.000.

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