Boscombe surf reef: come one, let's make it a world class wave

The Boscombe surf reef will be fine-tuned until the end of spring. Europe's first artificial wave, located off Boscombe, in Dorset, has had problems since its early days.

The quality of the waves was not impressive, the ride was short, and it was only reliable for bodyboarders.

After months of public discussion, the Bournemouth Borough Council agreed with ASR Ltd, the company responsible for the installation of the Boscombe surf reef, a complete improvement.

The council will pay £55,000 when the work is finished and a further £95,000 if the improvements are successful.

The overall cost of the artificial surf reef is £3m, but the Bournemouth Borough Council has been withholding £150,000 after observing that the main objectives were not achieved.

"Everyone has agreed that ASR's technical refinements are the best solution," said Peter Charon, Council leader.

Fine-tuning the Boscombe surf reef is quite complex work. There are 55 huge sand-filled bags placed underwater and 225m out at sea.

These heavy bags must be correctly displayed in order to pump quality waves for surfing and bodyboarding.

In the end, if the Boscombe surf reef is highly improved, all parts will surely end up satisfied.

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