The Boscombe Surf Reef will be fully tested with professional competition

February 20, 2010 | Surfing
Boscombe Surf Reef: a competition will test the quality of the new artificial wave | Photo: Simon Browne |

Sorted Surf Shop is pleased to announce the first Surf Contest at the newly completed artificial surf reef at Boscombe, Bournemouth. Sorted will be joining forces with many of the surf industries giants to bring a surf contest and festival to the beach at Boscombe.

March 20th and 21st are two days to keep in your diary! The weekend will consist of Surfing and Bodyboarding competitions and there will be activities and demonstration stands with equipment for all to try.

The contest categories will consist of a Men's Open, Men's 35+, Ladies Open, and Juniors (under 18´s). The contest will also host the first leg of the British Bodyboarding Annual Championships. Bodyboard heats to be contested on the Reef all other categories will be held at the Pier / Beach.

Exciting prizes will be provided by the event's main sponsor Rip Curl while demonstration equipment to try out will be provided by Tiki, Rusty & Firewire for surfboards, Jimmy Lewis & Tiki for Stand Up Paddle Boards, BIC will have Kayaks and Indo Board sessions will be operating throughout the day. Gul team riders Mar "Igor" Harris and Russel Winter will be in attendance to give advice and sign autographs for all who show on the day.

However it won´t end there as Monster Energy Drink will be hosting the after-party being held at Boscombe´s coolest bar, Urban Beach. There you will find all of the contest organizers, sponsors, and contest competitors enjoying a BBQ, drink and live music with a few surprises thrown into the mix.

Competitor Information

Information for all competitors - The Sorted Surf Contest/Festival will be run under the usual guidelines and rules outlined by the British Surfing Association. Any competitor found to be intoxicated will be refused entry into the competition and no refund will be given.

Judging - Will take the usual criteria i.e. ´a surfer performing the most radical maneuvers in the most critical part of the wave´ will receive the highest scoring potential; this is the case for all categories.

Check-in time - for all competitors will be at 0730 on Saturday morning located at Sorted Surf School on the East side of Boscombe Pier on the promenade. Sunday Check-in will be at 0830.

We aim to have the first heats in the water by 0800 Saturday and to complete all the round one heats and the quarter-finals on day one. Sunday´s first heat will start at 0900 for completion of the semis and the final by approximately 15.30

Categories - Men's Open, Men's over 35´s, Ladies open, Junior U18, and BodyBoard Open
All categories may have up to 32 entrants. Beach entries may be accepted on the day if space is available.

Heats - will consist of 4 competitors with a running time of 20 minutes per heat.
Round 1 will consist of 8 heats, then 4 heats for the quarter-finals, 2 heats for the semi-finals, and 1 heat for the final.
Surfers may catch up to a maximum of 12 waves per heat, at the end of each heat it shall be your top 2 wave scores that decide your position, the 2 highest scoring surfers progressing to the next heat. In the event of a tie between 2 persons it will go to their 3rd wave score or even their 4th wave score and so on if necessary.

All surfers must have BSA insurance or full membership to Wessex Surf Club. You may be required to prove your insurance on the day.

Prizes will be presented on Sunday afternoon at Sorted Surf School after all finals are finished.

There will be a Party at Urban Beach on Saturday Night for all, organized by Sorted Surf Shop & Monster Energy Drink.