The cold water surfing life

March 20, 2013 | Surfing
Surfing: life is harder in cold waters

"Surf Right" is a documentary inspired by cold water surfers filmed by John Huet, which follows those who embrace unforgiving conditions to follow their passion.

In the frigid grey winter mornings, when the sun can't begin to warm the rocky coastline of the Northeast, a community of die-hards paddle into the crushing cold to ride whatever waves they can find.

This passion for surfing lives on in the frosty air so far removed from the waters of Southern California and Hawaii. Bikinis and palm trees are thousands of miles away.

"Surf Right" is dedicated to celebrating these hardy individuals who brave crazy temperatures to follow their passion.

"We look forward to sharing the film, our experiences along the way and some great products we've created. We are also continuing the experience with backer rewards that have been inspired by the incredible people, weather and waves of cold water surfing", explains John Huet.

"Surf Right" will also have a corresponding line of functional gear for cold-water surfing, including tees, rash guards, board shorts and more.

"These people push forward, go blindly, test limits and take pride in what they do. For them, there is no other way. It's just right", Huet adds.

The surf movie project is expected to be premiered in November 2013.

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