Adaptive surfing: Mike Coots has no problems getting barreled | Photo: Coots

Surfing is an inclusive sport, and the number of clubs, schools, foundations, and associations that help disabled surfers fulfill their dreams is growing rapidly.

Everybody can catch and ride waves and enjoy the pleasures provided by ocean swells. That is the essence and the spirit of surfing.

Surfing's healing properties have already been widely confirmed and recognized.

Those who experience the magical glide over salted water notice dramatic improvements in their quality of life, not only in the body but also in the mind and soul.

The International Surfing Association (ISA) has been promoting adaptive surfing and, since 2015, has been crowning champions with physical challenges across multiple divisions and categories.

Jesse Billauer: an adaptive surfing champion | Photo: ISA

Para Surfing for All

Today, hundreds of non-profit organizations are working and promoting the well-being of people with impairments, disabilities, and handicaps through surfing.

No one shall be excluded from surfing.

Autism, chronic illnesses, deafness, intellectual disabilities, blindness, mental disorders, and physical disabilities are no excuses to keep men and women from experiencing surfing.

If you know something who could be interested in giving surfing a go, contact your local or national adaptive surfing association.

They have the professionals, the volunteers, and all the adaptive equipment needed to give someone an unforgettable experience in the waves.

Take a look at the most important adaptive surfing organizations in the world:


United States

A Walk On Water


Adaptive Surf Project

AmpSurf - Association of Amputee Surfers

Life Rolls On

Ocean Therapy

Operation Surf

Stoke for Life Foundation

Surf Quest

Surfers Healing



Adaptive Surfers of Australia

Disabled Surfers Association of Australia



Surfability UK CIC

The Wave Project


SurfAddict - Associação Portuguesa de Surf Adaptado



Associação Adaptação e Surf


South Africa

Adaptive Surfing South Africa

Made for More


New Zealand

Disabled Surfers Association New Zealand



Swiss Adaptive Surfing Association



All Water

Association Nationale Handi Surf

French Adaptive Surfer Tank (FAST)




Kind Surf


Have we missed a disabled surfing organization? Send us an email.

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