Surfer: only a trained body knows the feeling

More than 95 percent of all world surfers are amateur, non-professional athletes and ride waves for fun.

Nevertheless, the average surfer may encounter challenges and decide to take steps to substantially improve his or her performance in the water.

Surfing once, twice, or three times a week - it doesn't matter. As Duke Kahanamoku once said, "The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun."

In order to have that fun, however, staying fit to surf is critical. Improving your surf technique depends on how ready you are to challenge the next wave.

It's very easy to improve your physical performance with a few guidelines for life.

Amateur surfers have nothing to lose from a professional, performance-based perspective, but they still face great challenges, such as getting airborne or ending up deep in the barrel.

See how your surfing skills will get a boost with ten simple behaviors that will also extend your life expectancy:

1. Quit Smoking

After a period of about two weeks to three months after quitting cigarettes, you'll improve your lung capacity for paddling by 30 percent.

2. Eat Well

You can keep enjoying the taste of food while avoiding processed food (that may cause cancer).

3. Drink Water

Always start and finish your day with a glass of water. Mineral water will fight calories and energize your muscles.

4. Exercise Your Body All Week Long

One running day, one biking day, and one rope workout day will keep your overall fitness prime for surfing.

5. Plan and Memorize a Simple Pre-Surf Training Regime

Warming up will prepare your muscles for surfing and will kick off your circulation.

6. Avoid Alcohol Four Out of Seven Days of the Week

Alcohol increases blood pressure and reduces the strength of your body.

7. Stretch After Surfing

It helps to reduce muscle fatigue and prevent future injuries.

8. Walk for 10 Minutes Every Day

Burn calories, reduce tension, and strengthen muscles, bones, and joints.

9. Have Cold Showers During Summer

While improving blood circulation, cold showers also help strengthen immunity, deepen breathing, and regulate body temperature.

10. Sleep Well

When possible, plan your sleeping to meet seven hours of rest. Sleeping enough helps you maintain a healthy weight and will improve your surfing performance overall.

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