Tony Hawk: a board with no wheels, in Eisbach River, Munich

Tony Hawk is a skateboarding legend, but he proved to be an all-round boardsports master when he took a surfboard to the Eisbach River in Munich, Germany.

At 45, Tony Hawk is still riding. The best skateboarder of all time has helped push the sport of surfing over the last decades with his innovative aerial antics.

"The Birdman" is an all-around athlete. With an IQ level of 144, he managed to "learn" how to surf.

We've seen him in the real oceanic waves, in the artificial indoor standing waves, and, more recently, in the river waves.

During the 2013 X-Games Munich, the skateboarding icon showed he could be a real threat to Kelly Slater in the future Masters competition.

The Eisbach River wave is fast and doesn't allow mistakes.

After a couple of wipeouts, Hawk stood up on the surfboard and rode the standing wave with style and grace. After all, boards are boards.

Surfers started riding the Eisbach River wave in the early 1970s. Initially, they had a leash tied to the bridge to hold onto, but that was forbidden for being too dangerous.

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