The devil goes surfing at Seven Ghosts

July 31, 2012 | Surfing
Eddie Wearne: ready to surf and drink his barrel beer

Eddie Wearne surfed and drank beer in the crocodile-infested wave of Seven Ghosts to win the No Pro Tour award.

The Australian "frother from hell" created a crazy video, in which he is featured riding the incredible tidal bore river wave of Seven Ghosts, in Sumatra.

"I rode 22 different boards in the comedy film from standard shortboards, various fishes, mals, skateboards, stand up and regular bodyboards, a sandboard, a mini simmons, an alaia, a hand plane, and a sup", explains the surfer also known as Captain Frothalot.

"I had a ball putting it together and I am super stoked to get a place on the tour, two years running. I'm kinda driven to keep a spot next year too now. Fingers crossed", he adds.

The No Pro Tour awards video quality, originality, creativity, level of entertainment and unexpected surf skills shown in original surf spots. Basically, you should prove you're a suitable no pro surfer to win prizes.

Eddie Wearne is a surfer from Rye, Australia, and runs his own surf shop. Watch how you could be surfing with the devil if you'd caught Eddie Wearne.