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Dive into the surprising and creative world of bro-isms. Learn to speak, write and understand bronacular, the language of bros, because you don't have brothers or friends - just bros.

The brocabulary is a collection of words, names, terms, and expressions that represent the surfing and skateboarding culture and their most underground subcultures.

The informal speech used by surfers and skateboarders is not always understood by the society they live in, so you sometimes need a helping hand translating its meaning.

A bro-ism is surfer slang or skate lingo, an exquisite and exotic universe with a unique word for a particular purpose.

It's the coolest and most laid-back colloquial abbreviation of all time.

The tight bro fraternity is continuously adding new words to its rich dictionary of words and urban-based cultural forms of communication.

These are the most used bro expressions:

Abroha - the blend of the words "Aloha" and "bro";

Ambrodextrous - a bro that does the shaka sign with both hands;

Brah - the Hawaiian version of bro;

Bro - a friend, a member of the male fraternity, a blood brother;

Bro hug - a hug between two friends or bros;

Bro Jackson - a bro that is good at everything;

Bro-am - an amateur surf or skateboarding contest for bros only;

Bro-b-q - a barbecue for bros only;

Bro-brah - an irritating, stoned surfer, skateboarder, or snowboarder;

Bro-bro - a special friend or super close bro;

Bro-dependent - a bro who constantly relies on other bros;

Bro-ho - a girl who hangs out with bros;

Broactive - to be extremely helpful to another fellow bro;

Broasis - the local bar or café where bros meet and hang out;

Broast - when bros gather to have a drink a toast to their friendship;

Brobalization - the globalization of the bro fraternity;

Brobituary - the announcement of the passing of a fellow bro;

Brobot - an emotionless bro, or a bro that is always calling others bro;

Broccasion - the anniversary or a bro's special event;

Brocean - the bro republic or kingdom ruled by Broseidon;

Brocrastinator - a bro who delays or postpones a surf or skateboarding session;

Broda - usually an older, wiser, and more experienced bro;

Broem - a poem that was written in the bro's language;

Brofessional - a bro that has achieved professional status in surfing or skateboarding;

Brofessor - a surf or skateboarding instructor or a bro with a doctoral degree in brology;

Broffeur - a bro who doesn't drink and drive and chauffeurs everyone;

Brogram - a special program with bros or a computer programming night;

Brohemian - a person with a strong tendency to enjoy the pleasures of life;

Brohibition - when someone is denied the right to drink an alcoholic beverage;

Brojo - the special and strong connection or vibe between two bros;

Brolex - a fake Rolex that becomes an original one when a bro is with a girl in front of his friends;

Brolice - an officer of the bro community or a police officer that surfs;

Brolicious - something of bro nature;

Broligarchy - a small group of bros that control or patrol an area or run a surf break;

Bromance - a love affair between two bros;

Bromano - a bro, but in Spanish;

Bromigo - the act of being a bro to a bro, and a mix of "bro" and "amigo";

Bromosome - the bro's DNA or genetic code;

Brostalgia - a sentimental longing for a past period with a bro;

Brotastic - an epic or spectacular thing or event;

Dudeonym - a name or expression a dude calls another dude;

Quid pro bro - when you do a bro a favor, expecting a favor in return;

Wannabro - someone who acts like or pretends to be a bro but isn't;

Yobro - hello, or a greeting between bros;

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