"The Dog's Guide to Surfing" has been published

May 5, 2010 | Surfing
Surfer dog: style and technique

With summer almost here, plan on doing something different this year. Teach your dog how to surf, say TasteTV / TCB Cafe Publishing & Media, publisher of the Revised Edition of their most unique book, "The Dog's Guide to Surfing: Hanging Ten with Man's Best Friend."

To that aim, the editors have collected some of the best surfing dog videos on YouTube and posted them in a special player on the Surf Dog Community & Video website, SurfDogSeries.com.

See some of the latest moves by the hottest canine hot-doggers.

Says publisher A.K. Crump, "Who would have thought in 2006 that when I suggested we take the Dog's Guide to Surfing book and create the very first surf dog competition in San Diego that so many others would follow our lead, and an entirely new sport would be launched. It's very gratifying. Trust me, when this book was first being written in 2004, everyone kept saying, ' But dogs don't surf!'"

"The Dog's Guide to Surfing" is available now.

Source: Taste TV