G-Land: this is surfing in Indonesia

G-Land is one of the most renowned waves of Java.

Located on the eastern side of the island, G-Land is also one of the most exposed reefs in Indonesia, catching more swell than any other break.

The reef stretches along one and a half kilometers and holds four different take-off surf spots targeted to different levels of surfing experience.

"Kongs" is the first break way up the point and very rarely drops below three feet.

It offers long, workable walls, and it is a slower and mellower break compared to those down the line.

"Money Trees" is the next section of the wave and is also the most consistent surf area of the reef.

The spot is famous for its fast wave faces and emerald green and almond-shaped barrels.

"Launching Pads" comes next.

This is a more demanding wave in which barrels get bigger. Its name derives from the take-off point leading into "Speedies," a few 70 meters down the reef.

It could mean one of the longest barrels of your life.

"Speedies" is definitely famous for its long spinning barrels.

This surf spot truly says all about G-Land. If you score it on "the day," you'll understand why.

Alternative Peaks

Actually, G-Land offers more breaks than people usually expect.

There are loads of surf breaks, not as heavy but just as beautiful, which are regularly uncrowded.

Beyond what people are led to believe, G-land offers more breaks than just the world-famous main point. Not as heavy, but just as beautiful, and regularly empty.

"20/20s" is an amazing high-quality left-hander just twenty minutes down the beach.

Although it is always smaller than the main break, it offers an alternative when it's too big on the main peaks.

The wave can deliver barrels and fun, playful walls down the 100-meter-long reef before finishing in a deep channel.

"The Right," not as long as its sister, generally needs a bit more swell and can throw out perfect magazine cover barrels.

"Tiger Tracks" can be surfed after a thirty-minute walk down the pristine white sandy beach.

This is the perfect choice for all levels of surfing, from beginners to people just wanting to have fun.

It holds a left and a right-hander, picks up almost the same size swell of the main peak, and breaks over a soft-sponge reef.

Indonesia is lucky enough to get trade winds for seven months of the year, from March through October. G-Land gets perfect with a southeast breeze.

Swell from the Southwest will hit the top of the reef for "Kongs" and "Money Trees," and a direct South swell is great for "Kongs" and "Speedies." A famous Bali saying reveals it all: "If it's small in G-Land," it's flat in Indo.

Words by G-Land Surf Camp

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