Afterlife: will there be waves for surfers up in heaven? | Photo: Shutterstock

It is a question that might have intrigued surfers with religious faith wave riders: is there surfing in the afterlife?

I, for one, am compelled to ponder the depths of this quandary, diving headfirst into the swells of holy texts and spiritual musings.

As I embark on this rambling journey, I assure you, dear reader, that I shall leave no metaphysical stone unturned in the quest for eternal stoke.

Imagine, if you will, a celestial plane where the waves are forever perfect, and the ocean's warmth envelops you like a divine embrace.

The wind whispers secrets of cosmic harmony as you glide effortlessly atop endless swells.

The sun, an eternal presence, casts its divine light upon the water's surface, offering glimpses of the infinite.

Such is the vision of heaven we hold as surfers, and it is upon this vision that I shall construct my theological argument.

Walking on water: the day Jesus showed surfers the way | Painting: Julius Sergius Von Klever

Surfing the Holy Books

We begin our exploration of the afterlife's surf potential in the annals of Christianity.

In the Bible, we find evidence that the divine has a penchant for water-based fun.

Consider the story of Jesus walking on water in Matthew 14:22-33.

As he strides effortlessly across the Sea of Galilee, it is not hard to imagine him casually catching a wave, displaying an otherworldly command of the ocean.

If the Son of God himself could be tempted by the joy of aquatic revelry, who are we to doubt the presence of surf in the afterlife?

In the Quran, we find descriptions of paradise as a place of abundant beauty where rivers flow beneath lush gardens.

In Surah 55:50-51, it is written: "In both of them are two springs, gushing forth."

While these springs are not explicitly described as surfable, one cannot deny the possibility that a heavenly swell might occasionally form, allowing the righteous to ride upon the waves of divine grace.

From the Buddhist perspective, the Tripitaka offers insight into the Nature of Nirvana, a transcendent state of freedom from suffering and the cycle of death and rebirth.

The Buddha himself is said to have reached this state beneath the Bodhi tree.

Now, while it's not exactly hanging ten, achieving enlightenment is not unlike catching the perfect wave.

In the Dhammapada, verse 21, the Buddha proclaims: "Heedfulness is the path to the deathless, heedlessness the path to death. The heedful do not die; the heedless are as if already dead."

Perhaps in this heedful state, the surfer attains Nirvana, finding the perfect wave that never breaks.

In the Vedas, the sacred texts of Hinduism, we find vivid descriptions of the afterlife that suggest the possibility of surfing.

In the Rigveda, we encounter the cosmic ocean, a vast expanse of water that represents the primordial state of the universe.

The supreme god, Vishnu, is often depicted reclining upon the cosmic serpent, Ananta, floating upon this ocean.

If the deity himself can luxuriate upon the water's surface, why not allow the souls of the departed to catch a wave or two?

Ananta: also a name of Shesha, the celestial snake on which Vishnu reclines in the cosmic ocean

Afterlife Swells

So, what might the surf experience in the afterlife look like? I invite you to indulge in a flight of fancy as we journey to the great beyond.

A heavenly surf spot is a place where Nature, in all its infinite wisdom, has crafted the perfect wave.

A landscape of celestial grandeur, where each grain of sand is a testament to the divine.

The sky, a canvas of the most brilliant hues, stretches out as far as the eye can see, eternally shifting in an ever-evolving dance of color and light.

The sea, a perfect fusion of salt and freshness, holds within it the knowledge of eons, the wisdom of countless lives lived and lessons learned.

As you stand upon the shore, the air around you vibrates with an energy unlike anything you have ever felt.

It is the very essence of life itself, pulsating with the collective spirit of all who have come before and all who will follow.

This energy courses through you, filling you with a sense of oneness, an understanding that you are but a single drop in the vast ocean of existence.

In this heavenly realm, the waves themselves are not mere forces of Nature but living, breathing entities.

They possess an intelligence, a consciousness that transcends our understanding of reality.

As they rise and fall, they communicate with the souls who ride upon them, whispering ancient secrets and guiding them on their eternal journey.

In this afterlife surf utopia, the act of riding a wave becomes an intimate dance between the soul and the universe.

Each graceful movement, each subtle shift in weight, is a testament to the profound connection that exists between all living things.

The very act of surfing, once a mere pastime, is transformed into a spiritual communion, a bridge between the mortal and the divine.

Room with a view: could this be a surfer's view in the afterlife? | Illustration: SurferToday

A Cosmic Dance in Celestial Surf

And what of the sensation of surfing in this heavenly realm? Can we truly feel the ocean's water and the wave's energy?

I posit that not only can we feel it, but the experience is heightened to a degree we could never comprehend in our earthly existence.

The water, imbued with the very essence of life itself, caresses our skin with a warmth and tenderness that defies description.

The energy of the waves courses through our souls, filling us with a sense of exhilaration and euphoria that is unlike anything we have ever known.

As we ride these celestial waves, we are not merely surfing - we are transcending the boundaries of space and time, merging with the infinite, becoming one with the very fabric of existence itself.

In this act, we find not only the perfect wave but the perfect expression of the divine, a testament to the eternal power of the ocean and the indomitable spirit of the surfer.

In conclusion, the evidence from sacred texts, combined with a healthy dose of imagination (and a touch of unconventional humor), suggests that the afterlife may indeed hold the promise of surfing.

Whether we glide upon the cosmic ocean, ride the waves of divine grace, or achieve enlightenment on the crest of a heavenly swell, we can hold fast to the belief that the great beyond offers not just eternal rest but eternal stoke.

So, fellow surfers, as you paddle out into the great unknown, take solace in the thought that beyond the horizon lies a realm where perfect waves break eternally, and the cosmic dance of the surfer continues unabated.

And perhaps, when our time comes to leave this mortal coil, we will find ourselves standing on that celestial shore, board in hand, ready to ride the waves of infinity.

Words by Andrew Island | Surfer and Author

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