'007 Die Another Day': James Bond learning to surf in Jaws

The surf scene is long and intense. James Bond opens the "007 - Die Another Day" spy movie with a big wave surfing stunt. But who actually played Pierce Brosnan in the infamous night ride?

James Bond is just like a Swiss Army knife.

The multi-skilled British spy is able to jump bridges in luxury cars, take off in heavy, hollow slabs, and share the perfect Martini recipe.

"Die Another Day," the twentieth film in the James Bond series, showcases an opening surfing scene that helped boost ticket sales at the box office.

Can you figure out who and where the epic 007 night surfing session took place? Was Pierce Brosnan himself riding those waves?

Yes, the Irish actor is a keen stand-up paddleboarder and surfer, but no, he didn't ride those giant waves.

Stunts at Jaws

The initial wave riding sequence of "Die Another Day" was filmed in Peahi/Jaws off the North coast of Maui in December 2001.

The footage shows three surfers exchanging surf lines during a large swell.

Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, and Darrick Doerner were the pro surfers called to play the actors' surf scene.

When surfers finish their waves, 007 and his team get to the beach.

This time, the shore shots were done near Cadiz, in the South of Spain, and Newquay, in Cornwall, England.

Later, the orbital satellite Icarus creates a wave that forces James Bond to ride a massive wave with a kite between digitally produced glaciers and ice obstacles.

Enjoy the two surfing scenes in James Bond 007's "Die Another Day."

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